Save time.
Empower your team.
Get more done.

Easy 1-on-1s is a web app that helps you and your team have efficient and effective 1-on-1 meetings.
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Who is it for?

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Senior Leadership

  • Embed a culture of performance, focused on the few things that really matter
  • Set a standard for transparency and accountability throughout your organisation
  • Improve team wellbeing, retain talent, and reduce churn
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  • Save time. Talk only about the things that really matter, then finish early!
  • Let your team members take ownership of their priorities, targets, and plans
  • Deeply understand your team's challenges and help them overcome their blockers
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  • Start delivering value on day one
  • Reduce the time, effort, and cost required to introduce clients to good quality 1-on-1s
  • Show impact with 1-on-1 quality reports
  • Include polished and user friendly software in your service offering

How does it work?

The Easy 1-on-1s web app guides managers and their team members through a simple weekly routine.


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Team members fill out the Easy 1-on-1s discussion template.
By following the prompts, they will write a brief but insightful summary of previous week, and their plan for the week ahead.
Managers pre-read the prepared discussion notes.
They will flag the few specific topics they want to dive into during the 1-on-1.
Managers and team members meet, in person or via video conference, and discuss only the flagged topics.
When they are out of topics, they finish early!
Team members adjust their discussion notes with any agreed changes to next week's plan.
Finally, they self-assess the quality of this week's 1-on-1.
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What are the benefits?

Save time

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Efficient meetings

Discuss only the few topics that matter.

And discuss them deeply, until issues are fully understood and the path forward is agreed.

By preparing discussion notes and flagging discussion topics in advance, you can stop wasting time talking about things that are already agreed.

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Fewer meetings

Weekly 1-on-1 meetings, when done well, can replace hours of team meetings, progress updates, and ad hoc status checks.

Once you get into the habit of preparing good discussion notes, you may find you can even remove the 1-on-1 discussion from your diary.

Empower your team

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Preparing discussion notes in advance of each week's 1-on-1 gives each employee the freedom to shape their week according to their preferred way of working.

This makes work more enjoyable, and contributes to the culture of ownership and responsibility.

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Provide a psychologically safe space for your team members to share ideas, address challenges, and solicit honest feedback.

A weekly 1-on-1 also systematically provides opportunities for coaching, and to resolve issues causing stress.

Get more done

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Create a culture where people do what they say they will do.

Foster a sense of personal responsibility, without being confrontational, by creating a supportive, non-performative environment where team members can openly discuss progress and challenges.

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Remove barriers

Identify opportunities to remove barriers to progress, by relentlessly focusing on what is critical to you and your team.

Quickly identify issues and take corrective action, make a decision, coordinate resources, or escalate for extra help.

What makes it so easy?

Our bespoke web app has been built from scratch for ease & convenience. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to scale.

Simple template

Prepare for each 1-on-1 meeting by filling out a simple template.
It's neatly organised, intuitive to fill out, and easy to navigate.
Demo video of intuitive template

Tutorials and coaching

Get up and running quickly with the Preparation Coach overlay, guiding you through your first 1-on-1.
And follow the sticky note prompts each week to prepare insightful discussion notes.
Demo video of tutorials and coaching

Best practice tips and tricks

A comprehensive set of expert tips and tricks is always just one click away.
Incrementally improve and maintain the quality of your 1-on-1s each week.
Demo video of tips and tricks

Quality checks and reporting

Complete a self-assessment at the end of each meeting to ensure the quality of your 1-on-1s remains high.
Organisation wide quality reporting helps identify where extra support is needed.
Reporting is coming soon
Demo video of quality checks

Manager review tools

Flag the specific items you want to dive into during the 1-on-1 meeting.
Spend your time talking about what really matters, rather than running through yet another shallow status update.
Demo video of manager review tools

Email notifications

Set up email notifications so you are always ready for your next 1-on-1.
Or choose to get your team's freshly prepared discussion notes delivered straight to your email inbox.
Coming soon
Demo video of email notifications

User-friendly interface

It just works. Stop struggling with clunky apps and fragile spreadsheets.
All your discussion notes - even those with external clients, or for 1-on-1s you occasionally sit in on - are neatly organised and just one click away from your dashboard.
Demo video of simple user interface

Speedy user onboarding

Anyone can set up a new 1-on-1 in a few clicks with nothing more than their colleague's name and email address.
Even if their colleague has never used Easy 1-on-1s before.
They'll even get a free trial.
Demo video of speedy user onboarding

How do I get started?

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Register an account
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Enter your email address and name, and set a password. No payment details are required - your free trial starts automatically.
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Sign in to the web app
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For the best experience, access Easy 1-on-1s from a desktop web browser.
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Start a new 1-on-1 series
Invite one of your team members - all you need is their email address. Alternatively, check out the example 1-on-1 series right on your dashboard.
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